Social media looks fancy in the initial phase of a business marketing and hence, many small businesses readily invest in the ads to get quick leads. Soon, a majority of them find themselves disappointed as they realise that they are competing with a huge number of businesses that are long established, and have captured the major chunk of marketing, already. Do you still think that alone is the cause for your ad failures? Or does that prompt you to switch back to traditional advertising practices such as newspaper ads or handouts etc? If so, then it is time you rethink and take a dig at your social media campaigns.


Prominent Reasons Why you Could Be One of Those 60% Businesses Failing



1.You Lack an Understanding of Ad Context 


An ad copy is a lot different from any other tiny piece of content. In an ad, you need to answer the what, why, when, where and how in a few words. On top of that, must ensure your ad offers a specific solution to a specific problem.


  1. You Haven’t Paid Much Attention toRemarketing 


We expect the customers to trust us in a single interaction and hence, assume that they will respond by seeing the ad in the first go. Place yourself in the shoes of the customer and observe how you behave. Remarketing can powerfully a psychological impact and propel buying.


  1. Your Landing Page Positioning and Offerings are Not Clear  


Creating a landing page is easier and the challenge lies in evaluating that how close is the landing page to conversion. Your landing page is for your customers and not for yourself. So, it should offer what customers would like to know and not what you want them to know.


4.You Are Missing Out on Timely or Regular Follow Ups


Customers are accustomed to people asking them for services again and again. A potential customer to you is a potential to all of your competitors, as well. So, they are at privilege to be targeted by many service providers. If you do not follow up regularly or quickly, chances are, the customers will forget about you.


  1. You Do Not Have a Definite Ad Optimization Strategy


Creating an ad and offering is not an easy task and it is understandable. But then that is only half the journey you head. The actual game begins right after that. So, if you are being too tired to take the next step, your entire effort might go futile. Ad optimization is a continuous process and one of the biggest merits of online advertising. You can keep on changing your visibility as per the responses every day, unlike a newspaper ad that cannot be reversed once published and distributed.


What Can you Do About It: Create an All-in-All Marketing Funnel


1.Value Offering and Faster Fitment Trial:


In a standard process of service delivery, both the customer and service provider need to invest a long period to arrive at the value creation point. It may take them upto 3 months to see the results coming in. That involves risks and higher spending at client’s end. To reduce the evaluation cycle, offerings such as 7-day trial or free 30-day trial can help you prove your value sooner and hence, acquire customers for longer.


  1. Generating Customer Trust with Presence on Other Platforms


When a customer finds our consistent branding across different online channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc, it builds a subconscious trust in their mind. However, for keeping up that presence, you need to provide valuable content consistently. There cannot be any shortcuts.


  1. Maximising Lead Gen through Remarketing


Remarketing is one of the most underrated exercises by naïve businesses. Because they work very hard setting up everything, they are overwhelmed and feel that customers will recognise everything easily. However, the customers are bombarded with offers and hence, to have yourself retained, you need to show up several times before the customer to bring him to a decision of hiring you or subscribing to your services.


  1. Answering Basics with a Compelling Landing page


Define what a landing page should ideally have and then relook where you are – what is exaggerated and what’s missing. A landing page is not confined to design basics. Rather, the focus should be to answer everything a customer would like to ask in your first interaction. It should have a compelling, eye-catching, readable and descriptive content.


  1. Prompt Connection—within 15 Minutes of Receiving Query


A customer’s attention span over your offerings will be immensely high in first 15 minutes after he leaves a query. If you stop or delay, the prospects of conversion become low. Follow ups will still be needed, but the impact created with a prompt response will boost chances of decision.


  1. Relooking and Narrowing Target Audience


This is an ongoing process and a major feature of ad optimization. No marketing campaign can be successful on day one. You need to present things on basis of an experienced marketeer’s advice and then make amendments as per the responses that come from customers. For instance, if your target markets are A, B and C and you see more response coming in from C, you can narrow down your campaigns for C to boost lead generation in a given time frame.


What you Gain with this All in All Marketing Funnel:


  • Faster time to market and hence conversions
  • An integrated marketing engine
  • Automated transition through different marketing stages – discovery to decision
  • Optimal cost savings
  • Minimal dependency on employees
  • Single point cannon for all must-have’s of marketing


In the initial phases of your business you would likely face two major challenges – a lacking understanding of marketing your services and a lack of funds. In such a scenario, you need someone trustworthy to handhold you and bring maximum value on your returns.

If you are on a lookout now for creating an all in one funnel that performs each of the functions for you, as listed above, this an area where we can help. Connect with us here to learn more