Business sustenance is a critical need for all of us, you’d agree. However, in this highly competitive business landscape today, you need to work much harder to ensure that new customers keep coming to you along with ample number of returning users, as well.

In order to achieve this, you may find a number of old school options and practices to choose from.  However, you would likely still face challenges in identifying the perfect channel for lead generation.

If you are a realtor, a financial consultant or a broker, for instance, you may already be struggling with multiple things such as listing your business in top listing websites or falling in the trap of building your own fancy looking website. More so, some of you might have tried advertising on social media channels or through newspapers and pamphlets too. Does all of this leave you with information overload, perplexity and a marginally low Return on Investment (ROI)?

Let us try and sort this one by one. First of all, your decision to choose a digital channel is a good one. However, what needs to be looked at here is, what to choose and what to drop in your list of investments and priorities.

Making investments on archaic strategies such as standalone cold calling or random direct email sans any strategic funnel, at the backdrop, is not really a feasible option at this stage for you, especially, if you are trying to target your local markets.

So, let us now look at how you can arrive at the most suitable platform for lead generation – while maximizing your convenience and ROI.

What to Look for in your Online Platform for Lead Generation

  1. Less Leakage:

A majority of businesses make a common mistake of investing in leaky buckets – that involve a lot of time and cost investment before the actual lead generation begins. Building up a fancy website and hiring a specialize agency for this, for instance, can be one such pitfall. Not to say websites are not needed. However, you need to define the extent to which you would like to hold on to design development work. A delay, owing to standardization of processes etc, can cast a shadow and have a cascading effect on your entire lead gen regimen. Now, imagine it by placing everything in a one month’s window and estimate your costs. About 90% of your time and costs will go into the website’s production in the entire month. So, when will you do the real lead gen? This can, thus, turn out to be an overvalued strategy for you. Read on!

  1. Emphasis on Irresistible Offers:

The online platform that you choose for your financial business’s enhanced visibility and conversion should weigh more in terms of the offerings that you have for the customer – rather than immersing them into the user interface experience alone. So, you need to find a solution that presents a maximum value in terms of content, offers, deals etc, without compromising on the aesthetics or scaling up the costs.

  1. Integration with CRM, Email Sequencing Tools:

Unlike many old school strategists would tell you, lead generation isn’t much about the pre-production part. In fact, if the offerings you have and you’re dead sure about the quality of your services, your actual game begins after the lead generation. You must preserve your majority of energy and costs for the conversion cycle. Once you have the leads, conversion is a whole new chapter that begins. You need to maintain relationships with the leads to bring them to level of acquiring you. Customers are smarter today. They investigate and contemplate way beyond your expectations before awarding their project to you.

  1. Minimal Dependency on Employees

Let not your marketing be governed by your employees ability to interact with the target customers. Here, factors such as the employee’s availability at work or his emotional well being can affect your business’s performance on a given day. You need to have a system that performs automatically with or without the human intervention. Read on!

  1. Measurability of Investments

When you invest your money on certain ads in a traditional setting, it gets very difficult to measure how many people actually saw the ad and if they did, what could be the reason that they did not reach out to you. Hence, you may always be stumped on measuring the ROI effectively. A digital platform will always provide you the edge to measure the click through ratio and impressions to help you optimise the ads.

What’s Next? Can you Find Such a Platform in a Single Anatomy?

Now that you’ve been aware of the typical do’s and don’ts of effective lead generation and got a glimpse of how hard conversion could be, it is obvious for you to ask the above question.

The good news is, yes. There exists a hybrid strategy that can consume all your concerns and pain points to bring a higher ROI at low costs. It is called the Custom Lead-Gen Marketing Funnel.

Take Some Examples Here to Understand How this Funnel Looks Like

Why Creating an All-in-All Lead Generation Funnel is the Most Appropriate Step for Faster Lead Gen

  1. Saves cost
  2. More targeted
  3. Automated
  4. Saves Time in Prospecting and CRM

How the Lead-Gen Funnel Works?

Shifts your Efforts from Outbound to Inbound

Here your customers see your ads first without you reaching out to them. So, only those customers come who are really interested in your service. There is no fishing net or hit and trial.

Makes your Investments Measurable

Every single penny you spend can be measured and used for re-targetting of the focussed customer groups.

Automates Lead Gen and Follow ups

This funnel removes your dependability on the employees and their marketing skills for lead generation. Right from customer interaction to follow ups later, everything is taken care of through digital content.

Allows Budget Shifting Everyday

Here, you can choose the spending on your marketing everyday – can be increased and decreased as per your convenience or the customer responses.

Summing Up

We’re hopeful that this post has helped you identify some of the greatest pitfalls and blind spots in marketing and lead generation, especially, if you represent any of the three categories that of – Financial advisory, brokerage or Real Estate. Exceptional lead generation and conversion here are always a result of your willingness of experiment with newer strategies that challenge the over-valued old school strategies. Investing in a tactful yet organized funnel that entails multiple channels, is one efficient way to go.

If you are on a lookout for any such custom-made low-cost online platform or wish learn more about these, this is an area where we can help. Connect with us at click here